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Summer VAHL 2021 registration is open

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All VAHL Participants and Spectators.

As some of you may be aware the Alaska State Hockey Association has released a notification of immediate ASHA COVID Policies. As the Valley Adult Hockey League is governed by USA Hockey and therefore the state hockey association we need to comply with this policy.

This is the link to the ASHA policy for your review:

To comply with this policy all players and spectators must do the following:

  1. Each player will need to have their own water bottle and put their name on it.
  2. All players and spectators will need to wear a mask when inside the building and your helmet is off.
  3. No one should enter the building more than 25 minutes before a game.
  4. Everyone should Exit the locker room within twenty minutes of the game ending.
  5. A log of those people in attendance as spectators will need to be maintained.

The VAHL has been granted an exception to the locker room use part of the policy. This exception is only for the locker room use part of the policy. Our locker rooms will be open to use.



The Brett memorial ice arena mitigation plan has been updated to clarify and streamline some things. That plan can be found here:

For the VAHL the only change of consequence is that every participant is allowed two spectators.


Lastly a few reminders,

1) Only VAHL registered people in the player bench area.

2) At the end of a game please leave your gloves on and give the players of the other team a soft fist bump rather then a hand shake.

3) If you are a person whom whishes not to continue playing in the VAHL this season due to this ASHA policy please call or e-mail me and I will submit a refund request for your fee minus the games that have already occurred.


Your compliance with these policies is expected and appreciated


Brett Staff

Valley Adult Hockey League

The Valley Adult Hockey league, is a recreational ice hockey league located in Wasilla Alaska. We offer hockey for all skill sets. All we ask is that you bring a Positive Attitude, Competitive Drive, and Respect (for officials, teammates, opponents, and the game) each time you come to the rink.